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This Amphibious Tender Could Star in the Next Bond Movie

The Iguana Day Limo was designed to shuttle guests from yachts onto deserted beaches.

Iguana All Images Courtesy Iguana Yachts

James Bond could soon be escaping from super-villains on one of these amphibious craft. Converting from a boat to a luxury vehicle with treads with the flip of a switch, the Iguana Day Limo is as cool as any gadget from Q’s lab. Espionage aside, the Day Limo should soon start making its way aboard superyachts desiring an authentic luxury landing craft.

The Day Limo comes from humble beginnings. Nine years ago, Iguana Marine began making boats for beachfront homeowners that were amphibious, meaning that a retractable set of wheels would allow them to drive right onto the beach. Before long, superyacht owners — especially those who frequented remote areas with spotty dockage — started snapping up Iguanas as tenders.

“It’s a very specific market with very specific needs, so we decided to build a boat for that specific purpose,” Steve Huppert, sales director, told Robb Report. “We talked to captains and people in the industry to design the ultimate superyacht tender.”


Earlier Iguana models, like the one above, served as shuttles between the yacht and beach. The Iguana Day Limo takes it up a notch in passenger comfort. 

The Day Limo is designed with multiple innovations. For starters, there’s the amphibious factor. The roller treads extend and retract at the push of a button, much like an airplane’s landing gear, and two joysticks provide steering. This gear provides an easier and cleaner way to get from boat to beach.

“We’ve always built boats first,” notes Huppert. “The capability to go on land is a great safety feature, but it’s a bonus, not the focus.”


Once the Day Limo slinks back into the water, it’s back at home. With either a single inboard diesel or twin 250-hp outboards, the boat reaches a top speed of close to 50 mph. It can even pull wakeboarders or race jet skis. Guests are seated on the twin benches. If inclement weather suddenly appears, a retractable canopy pops up to fully enclose the area, keeping the passengers warm and dry. Each side of this “dodger,” as Iguana calls it, operates independently and deploys in four positions, offering a full range of protection.

Iguana Yacht

Notice the comforts built into the seating, including cupholders and individual storage bins beneath each seat. 

In all, the 30-footer’s open layout can accommodate 12 passengers. The bench seats in the cockpit have armrests and cupholders, while drawers under the benches store shoes and personal items. Up front, in-deck stowage can hold six suitcases. There is even a fridge hidden in the console to keep cold drinks on hand.

All closed up, the Day Limo is less than six-feet tall, meaning it can slip into most onboard garages. A handy feature if you have to make a quick getaway, even while wearing a tux.



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