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Watch: This Bonkers Shark-Shaped Sub Is Ready for High-Speed Adventures Above and Below the Water

The aptly named Jet Shark packs a powerful V-8.

The Jet Shark’s name really says it all.

The bonkers new submersible, which is the brainchild of Rob Innes, has the body of a shark and the power of a jetboat. The vessel is based on the Seabreacher watercraft that was released a decade ago, but it’s significantly larger than its predecessor. As the designers put it, if the Seabreacher was a nimble race car, the Jet Shark is a luxury GT.

The spacious, air-conditioned cockpit is fitted with four cushioned seats and twin piloting controls. The two large gullwing doors can be left open if you’re after a little leisurely alfresco cruising, or locked using a lever by the pilot’s seat when you want to take things up a notch. Perfect for thrillseekers, the craft can tilt aggressively to each side and dive to six feet for short periods of time.

Jet Shark
The vessel can cruise above or below the water. Jet Shark

The Jet Shark looks like it can make mincemeat of waves, too. (See the YouTube video above for proof.) The team says it is equipped with a Kodiak Marine V-8 engine that is similar to a mill of a Chevy Corvette. Although no specs are listed, the Seabreacher is capable of hitting around 43 knots (50 mph) on the water and 17 knots (20 mph) a few feet below it.

Jet Shark
The Jet Shark is powered by a Kodiak Marine V-8. Jet Shark

The Jet Shark features two small fins amidship and another pair at the rear that together enable it to glide gently across the seas without flipping over. The craft also sports a snorkel-like airfoil with a camera at the center that gives the pilot a view of everything on the surface while underwater. This, in turn, prevents any collisions with other vessels or swimmers.

Jet Shark
The cabin offers space for four. Jet Shark

Although the first “Q” model is still in the prototyping and development phase, the team says it will start accepting pre-orders this year. You can express interest on the company’s website and follow Jet Shark or the Q model on Instagram for regular updates.

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