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Hole-y Superyacht! Lazzarini Unveils a 276-Foot Concept With a Giant Void in the Middle

The 279-footer also offers landing space for not one but two helicopters.

Icaria Superyacht Lazzarini Design

They say three times is a trend. If that’s the case, Lazzarini Design is very close to making superyachts with giant holes in the middle a thing—in conceptual form, at least.

The disruptive design studio has just unveiled a new 279-foot vessel called Icaria that is characterized by a massive void in the superstructure. It comes just one month after the Italian outfit revealed the 226-foot superyacht concept Shape, which, you guessed it, was all air amidship.

As with its predecessor, Icaria’s open main deck, or “hole deck” as Lazzarini calls it, can be customized with different furniture depending on how seafarers intend to use it. Lazzarini has fitted the sprawling space with a huge bar that will allow those on board to enjoy alfresco sundowners by the water’s edge.

Icaria Superyacht

Icaria can accommodate a pair of choppers.  Lazzarini Design

Aside from that one, quite big, similarity, the superyachts have rather different silhouettes. Shape sports sleek lines and a pointed bow while Icaria features an imposing front end with a large bridge enclosed in glass. From here, the owner or captain can survey the high seas with total protection from the elements.

The vessels differ in terms of what they offer, too. Crowned by a glass-bottomed pool, Shape is focused on relaxation. Icaria, meanwhile, appears to be geared toward exploration. It comes equipped with landing space for not one but two helicopters, along with a fully stocked tender garage that can be accessed via two foldable side doors. Further to the aft, the vessel has a generous swim platform and two cranes that will ensure more fun is had at sea.

Shape Superyacht

Lazzarini’s Shape Superyacht Concept.  Lazzarini

Lazzarini did not share details regarding Icaria’s propulsion, but Shape (above) is designed to run exclusively on clean energy, with hydrogen powering the vessel and rooftop solar panels generating electricity for the onboard amenities. If built, it stands to reason that Icaria would sport a similar setup.

Just one question remains, will we see a third hole-y superyacht?

Check out more photos of the Icaria below:

Icaria Superyacht

Lazzarini Design

Icaria Superyacht

Lazzarini Design

Icaria Superyacht

Lazzarini Design


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