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Lido Mar is Porto Montenegro’s Unique Beach Club

Ideally located on the magnificent bay of Kotor on the Adriatic coast, the Montenegro Lido Mar is the Mediterranean’s leading luxury yacht homeport and marina village, which is becoming a focal point of the European yachting scene.

At the heart of its development, Porto Montenegro, along with Studio RHE, unveil the unique outdoor space and pool, created to provide aesthetic symbiosis between the large outdoor swimming pool, the new restaurant and the two bars in the Marina. The Studio RHE has chosen to use the existing infrastructure, a former naval base, to design a 64-meter-long swimming pool, which extends the entire length of the deck to the sea. Inspired by the modernist movement of the 1950s, the architects were clever enough to bring a decidedly contemporary touch to their work.

The pool, tiled with a black and white mosaic, brings to mind the stylish classical geometric designs of famous names such as Givenchy and Chanel. Around it, this theme is carried with a series of split-level platforms hiding intimate lounges. All around the pool, large steel cabins have been designed to organize this vast volume and stand as a humorous reminder of the most exclusive private beaches. Finally, to refine the view, the Studio RHE has imagined an impressive 8-meter-high bronze frame that offers a clear view of the Balkans and highlights this perspective in all its depth. The entire space is dotted with monumental works of art created by famous Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa.

All over the ground, the architects designed a series of sculpted cubic volumes that offer an amazing contrast in black and white. Above this pattern stands the large rooftop terrace, a magnificent blend of bronze, wood and aluminum, which boasts an elegant architectural perspective of levels and visual effects. The wide roof, delicately supported by thin tapered steel columns with cantilever and sharp edges, shows off a completely modern design. To enhance this view, the white lines are in sharp contrast with the deep blue sky. Particular attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the project. The completely free-flowing volumes were deliberately structured to provide an amazing perspective, extending out to the sea. At the very heart of the project, a Club House that opens out onto the pool area was designed to welcome boaters.


Architects decided to play with the effects of glass and steel to create a clear view. The terrace, located on the deck, creates a strong contrast with the previous choice of materials. The Studio RHE has taken care to include sustainable elements of natural ventilation, explaining: “The building is designed to be permeable thanks to excellent natural ventilation and cooling. The façade has been fitted with a series of four meters high pivoting glass doors, the surface can be opened at leisure. With this project, we really wanted to create a friendly space where guests can relax and marvel at the scenery.”

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