Lynx Plots a Course to Adventure With 95 Feet of Yacht

The new Adventure 29 is wide and sturdy, but its shallow draft lets you take it almost anywhere.

Lynx Yachts launched its Adventure series late last year with a 105-foot model that has been holding down the fort on its own—until now. Meet the new Adventure 29, a plucky 95-foot yacht built to withstand rough seas and all kinds of weather, ensuring that its owner can go to practically any destination on the globe.

But even given its rugged construction, the adventure yacht maintains a more relaxed, casual appearance than some of its brethren in the category—no ersatz warship or Deadliest Catch icebreaker here. The main visual cue to the fact that it’s an adventure yacht at all comes from the extra-high bulwarks and plump-stem bow.

Among the multitude of must-haves in the 29’s design brief, the chief demands were that the yacht be wide and sturdy. Naval architects Diana Yacht Design rose to the challenge, penning a design with a relatively wide beam of 26 feet. Not only does this make the yacht feel more open, it allows it to have a shallower draft of 6.4 feet, giving the yacht access to spots where bigger yachts with deeper drafts simply cannot go.

Starting from the top, the sun deck is equipped with a hot tub forward and a dining and lounging area to the aft. When not in use, the hot tub can be covered with sun pads to create the perfect spot to catch a quick nap. The main deck house the saloon, main dining area, and a bar. Unfortunately, details about the interior have not yet been released, as an interior designer has not yet been chosen. The main deck leads to the tender storage at the stern, which can accommodate crafts up to 21.3 feet in length. When the tenders are given the old heave ho, the space becomes a large 323-square-foot swim platform (a design feature taken from the company’s YXT line). Belowdecks you’ll find the full-beam owner’s cabin (complete with a walk-in closet and private bathroom), a large VIP cabin, and a pair of double cabins.

All that sounds compelling; now we just have to wait for Lynx to give us a peek inside.


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