Magnum 51

Magnum marine has nicknamed its newest model “Bestia,” the Italian word for beast. Launched last September, the Magnum 51 (305.931.4292, www.magnummarine.com) certainly lives up to its pet moniker in terms of performance, but defies it in looks. The 50-foot powerboat—the long-awaited follow-up to the popular Magnum 50, which the South Florida builder launched in 1993—boasts a handsome exterior with sleek topsides bearing flush anchor lockers, cleats, and other would-be protrusions. The cockpit area features ample seating for passengers, as well as a spacious sun pad aft. Below deck, a stand-up interior affords lavish living accommodations.

Even with a carbon-fiber superstructure and furniture composed of lightweight aeronautic material, the Magnum 51 still weighs a hefty 52,000 pounds, which helps provide comfort while traveling at high speeds. “A lot of other manufacturers build boats that weigh half of ours to make them faster,” says Magnum general manager Harold Ballarin. “But our boat gives you a much better ride. We simply compensate with more power.” Indeed, with twin Caterpillar or MTU diesels that produce 1,600 hp or 1,925 hp, respectively, this $2.7 million beast can reach a top speed of 63 knots.

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