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This New Electric Hydrofoiling ‘Bike’ Lets You Glide Above the Water

Manta5's newest model, the Hydrofoiler SL3, now makes the learning process easier for first-time riders. 

Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3 Manta5

Biking on land is cool and all, but have you ever tried cycling on the open ocean? Manta5’s latest model promises to get you on the water faster and stay there longer.
In 2017, the New Zealand-based company introduced the first hydrofoil eBike to the world. Now, Manta5 has just announced a second-generation model, the Hydrofoiler SL3, and it comes with a slew of new features that appeal to both novice and advanced riders. Similar to the original XE-1, all it takes to ride a hydrofoiler is the ability to bike and swim. However, with the improved SL3, it’ll take minutes instead of hours to master and the journey to get there is far more intuitive. 

“Having no hull or pontoon is a welcome trade-off. Just like improving your skills on a land bike it encourages learning and improving, and ultimately to loving every session,” CEO Mark Robotham said in a statement. “Falling off and getting wet when starting out is all part of the fun. Typically with the SL3 it takes less than an hour to go from novice to confident. From there, anyone can add fresh and saltwater to their routine.” 

Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3
Manta5’s new Hydrofoiler SL3 is like a bike, airplane and jet ski all in one Manta5

The key to getting riders up and flying above the water comes down to the brand’s patented easy-launch technology. One addition to the SL3 is an enhanced throttle-only mode where you can both launch the hydrofoiler and cruise on the water’s surface without pedaling. Think of it as a jet ski, only without the noise and emissions. Oh, and don’t forget the wings.  

The SL3 is made from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, making it buoyant enough to float and light enough to carry. In addition, its sleek, modular design allows it to be broken down and packed into any size car. The biggest advantage though has got to be the duration. If you’re on the lowest pedal-assist mode—there are 10 levels to choose from—you can enjoy up to four-and-a-half hours of ride time on one charge. For perspective, that’s the longest ride duration of any e-foiling product on the market. 

Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3
It takes new users an average of only 40 minutes to learn how to ride the hydrofoiler Manta5

A new tiller also promises to positios the water bike at an ideal angle for takeoff, making the overall setup more stable. A composite monocoque chassis is there to ensure the vehicle stays upright even when it’s stationary. In terms of safety, if you do happen to fall off, built-in tilt sensors will instantly shut off the propeller. And if you’re wondering how fast you can go, it has a 2,500W electric motor that allows you to reach a top speed of up to 12.4 mph. 

“The SL3 was designed with hire operators in mind, and we’ve rolled that through as the standard offering for recreational buyers,” Manta5 exec Hayden Reeves said in the statement. “For a product to be in the hands of hire and tourism operators it has to be damn near bulletproof.” No word yet on how much the Hydrofoiler SL3 will cost, but interested buyers can expect to get their hands on the water bike in early 2023.  

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