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This 165-Foot Catamaran Yacht Concept Was Designed to Prevent Seasickness

In other words, it won’t leave you shaken or stirred.

Martini 7.0 Servo Yachts/Shuttleworth Design

Forget Dramamine. Servo Yachts has designed a whole new catamaran line to combat seasickness.

The fledgling American builder, which was founded by David Hall, has partnered with UK studio Shuttleworth Design to develop a range of vessels that glide smoothly through water without the kinds of motion that typically cause passengers to become seasick.

The latest 165-footer, christened Martini 7.0, marks the largest and most advanced cat in the series so far. With a carbon-fiber exterior and foam cores, the multihull features an innovative electric suspension system that adjusts in real-time to the height and angle of the waves.

Martini 6.0

The Martini 6.0 (pictured) features the same technology as the Martini 7.0.  Servo Yachts/Shuttleworth Design

In short, the vessel’s two hulls are connected by four articulating scissor mechanisms positioned at each corner of the superstructure. When cruising, the superstructure can be lifted up to 12 feet and safely suspended away from choppy waters.

According to the designers, Martini 7.0 can speed through an ocean swell with virtually no motion in the suspended deck where the crew and guests are located. The novel design is also said to cause less drag than traditional yachts, which means it’s faster and more efficient than conventional competitors.

Onboard, the main deck can sleep 10 people across four ensuite guest cabins and a full-beam master suite that comes complete with an office and gym. Crew accommodation, meanwhile, can be found on the lower deck, along with a galley, dive store and a garage that can hold a 21-foot tender.

Martini 6.0

The Martini 6.0 (pictured) also has a suspended superstructure.  Servo Yachts/Shuttleworth Design

Designed for outdoor entertaining, the vessel features an infinity pool flanked by sun pads to the aft of the main deck, along with a lounge and jacuzzi on the upper deck.

The duo has previously designed a number of similar prototype vessels ranging from 17 feet to 45 feet that have been tested in the San Francisco Bay, along with a 150-foot concept called Martini 6.0. There appears to be a market for this type of smooth cruiser, too. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, one in three people is considered highly susceptible to motion sickness.

“With the Martini 7.0, I believe we have found a way to solve seasickness and significantly improve the sailing experience so that everyone can enjoy traveling on the ocean,” Hall said in a statement. “I am very excited for Servo Yachts to continue to push the boundaries of marine technology and transform ocean travel.”


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