The McConaghy Trimaran Is Like a Beach House on the Water

The Tri60’s unusual winglike hull design provides a steadier ride and more interior space…

The Tri60 is a recent concept from the drawing boards of Australia’s McConaghy Boats and BMT Asia Pacific. The Tri60 follows the successful launch of McConaghy’s 142-foot Adastra in 2012. But the two trimarans are more like distant cousins than siblings. Adastra is wildly contemporary, with sleek fighter-jet-like wings on either side of its ultra-slender hull.

The Tri60, by contrast, looks like a beach house on the water or, looking down from above, an eagle’s head with a long slender beak. The Tri60 design is unusual because, instead of two outer pontoons running the length of the centerline hull, the side appendages look more like outriggers on a Polynesian canoe. The designers wanted to take advantage of the wide interior space and the enhanced stability and performance inherent to trimarans. According to the designers, the Tri60’s main saloon has about the same width as a 90-foot superyacht. That is a significant amount of space for a 60-footer, even though the Tri60 is intended largely for use as a day boat.

Designed in two versions, the Saloon has a massive sunroof and a sunroom-like enclosure of windows that slide open along the sides. All of the natural light makes the saloon seem even larger, while rear sliding doors and the sunroof turn the inner sanctum into an open-air gathering point. The Cabriolet version has a narrower enclosure over the saloon, with larger sidedecks. Both versions come configured with a galley and two staterooms belowdecks.

The designers calculate that the Tri60 should reach a top speed of 32 knots with its standard twin 475 hp engines. The knife-edge hull may reduce fuel consumption by 30 percent compared to a 60-foot monohull. Joystick controls for its jet drives will make it relatively simple to maneuver in tight quarters around marinas. The Tri60 also has a stern garage for a 10-foot tender, so owners and guests can leave the boat at anchor, while they venture onto land. (mcconaghyboats.com)


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