The New Pastrovich Concept Superyacht X-Easy Is a 180-Foot Floating Beach House

The family-friendly design is complete with open-air interiors, an outdoor fire pit, and an inflatable sea pool…

Monaco’s Stefano Pastrovich, known for space-age yacht designs like the Alien and Sveti concepts, has introduced the 180-foot X-Easy. Following Patrovich’s unique classification system, based on an owner’s personality, the Parkour class’s X-Easy, along with X-Kids Stuff, will be for the young at heart who put family fun at the forefront. The aesthetic of an open-air beach house permeates all three decks of the yacht, with the stern of the main deck dedicated to a beach club with a fire pit and a bow terrace with a dining table. Fixed furnishings are replaced by freestanding ones whenever possible, allowing an adaptable, accessible, and comfortable onboard environment. This extends to the selection of materials used on the yachts, including linen, teak, bamboo, and stone. A lower-level, full-beam hangar with side access will house tenders and aquatic amenities, such as Jet Skis and an inflatable sea pool. (www.pastrovich.com)

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