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Nobiskrug Delivers ‘Artefact,’ the 262-Foot Hybrid Superyacht That Can Run in Total Silence

This five-deck, environmentally friendly yacht is all about greening yachting and cruising in silence.

Nobiskrug superyacht artefact hybrid environmentally friendly Francisco Martinez
“We are super excited that Artefact is seeing the light of day—it’s our coolest project ever!” effused Gregory C. Marshall, designer of Nobiskrug’s 262-foot hybrid megayacht Artefact. Environmentally conscious yachting enthusiasts most likely feel the same way.

Hot off its successful Baltic Sea trials, Germany-based Nobiskrug shipyard delivered the much-anticipated yacht last week. Aiming for near-silent operation and top-notch stability and seaworthiness, the steel-and-composite yacht sports 248 feet of solar panels mounted on its sundeck. Along with its huge battery storage system, Artefact operates silently for short bursts without using combustion engines. Artefact‘s DC-bus diesel-electric variable-speed Azipod-propulsion and dynamic-positioning systems are worth mentioning as well. They make dropping anchor onto a fragile seafloor unnecessary while ensuring efficiency and lower emissions. Noise and vibration are minimized and performance maximized by custom six-blade propellers. The technical systems uses recycled wastewater thanks to the yacht’s filtering system. With all of these environment-focused systems in place, Artefact meets the International Maritime Organization Tier III emissions regulations, and is one of the first superyachts to do so.

Besides its green-friendly attributes, Artefact also boasts 7,965 square feet of curved glasswork, which weighs close to 60 tons—an impressive feat when considering that most yacht designers strive to save weight wherever possible. The lightweight composite superstructure makes using all that glass possible. And can you imagine the views? And the natural light?

“This is the owner’s first yacht, but it is certainly not his first large custom project,” says Marshall. “He brought an uncommon mindset for creating something original and unique.”

For example, instead of using the aft deck for an outdoor lounge and the main salon, the master suite occupies this space. Most main-deck master staterooms reside as far forward as the superstructure allows.

“The core mandate for Artefact was to create something that is not ‘just a regular boat,'” says Marshall.  “This philosophy sounds simple at first reading, but defines the DNA for Artefact to be absolutely exceptional in ways not typically considered even on the largest custom yachts.”

Nobiskrug Artefact hybrid Superyacht environmentally friendly

Artefact features all kinds of windows in all kinds of shapes.  Charles Van Rooy

And while privacy is of utmost importance, according to Marshall, so is enjoying the surroundings. The large and ample windows are a great example. “You don’t just look out, you look forward, aft, up and down,” says Marshall. “And yet, you can’t see from one space into another.”

“Balconies are featured throughout and are positioned for privacy and wind protection,” explains Marshall. “Grand public spaces are balanced with intimate private ones.”

The UK’s Reymond Langton Design took care of the yacht’s interiors, which include eight staterooms and 12 crew cabins. Even though design details of the Artefact’s interiors have not been revealed, Marshall shares that its “layout and styling are exotic but serve to create an unmatched guest experience.”

Nobiskrug Artefact hybrid Superyacht environmentally friendly

An overview shows the beautiful decking and substantial outdoor space, as well as the solar panels on the sundeck.  Francisco Martinez

All of the social spaces are located in low-acceleration zones for more serene cruising. This superyacht’s aim is to provide smooth-riding comfort, and the vessel’s hull has been tested extensively to make sure this is the case.

“Onboard comfort at sea defined Artefact’s size (along with her compliment of tenders),” says Marshall. “A desire to remove noise and vibration at an unmatched level brought her hybrid propulsion system with giant battery banks and electric pod drives. All of this adds up to a stunning yacht that is a remarkable technical achievement for a very special owner with a tremendous vision.”


Artefact’s top speed and range have not yet been released.

Nobiskrug Artefact hybrid Superyacht environmentally friendly

Artefact was designed to provide smooth-riding comfort and was tested extensively to make sure this is the case.  Charles Van Rooy

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