Oceanco’s Latest Superyacht Is a Shimmering Spectacle on the Water

The faceted steel hull on Oceanco’s latest 295-foot custom yacht design twinkles day and night…

The diamond-like refraction of light from its faceted hull is one of Moonstone’s most illuminating qualities. The 295-foot concept yacht, a joint project from Oceanco and Van Geest Design, promises to be another design breakthrough for the European superyacht builder.

To the Greeks, the moonstone was more than a beautiful gem—they believed that it actually captured the moon’s ethereal, silvery light. Carrying a moonstone was said to give one the ability to predict future events. This power has seemingly rubbed off on Oceanco, as it has remained at the forefront of yacht design for the last 27 years.

By day, Moonstone’s faceted hull reflects the sea and sky, sparkling like a finely cut diamond. By night, passengers will enjoy Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design’s custom panels displaying 300 individually dimmable lights on each hull side that create a programmable twinkling effect. The lights will be powered by 750 square feet of solar panels atop the yacht’s superstructure. The designers estimate that a day of sunlight will power the nighttime light show for 3 hours.

Moonstone also includes a transom swimming pool with dimmable lights and a transparent wall, as well as a light along the waterline that clearly defines where the yacht joins the sea. An enormous overhead panel has a backlit surface linked to fish-eye cameras that can project a star-studded sky or beautiful sunset. Moonstone’s magic, however, really comes from the unlimited interplay of lights from these many sources—programmable by mobile device.

Beyond the light show, Moonstone will be built on a proven 295-foot Oceanco platform that includes a full owner’s deck, a large gym and spa, a cinema, and a touch-and-go helipad. A sky-deck lounge will offer 360-degree views. The plumb bow is not only handsome, but its extra volume allows for an anchoring and mooring bay.


Moonstone will accommodate 14 guests in 7 cabins, plus 29 crew. 

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