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This Striking 213-Foot Support Yacht Concept Looks Like a Life-Sized Origami—and That’s the Point

The 213-footer was folded from aluminum plates instead of paper.

Origami Superyacht Concept Schwalgien Yacht Design

Origami as an art stretches back thousands of years, but it continues to influence modern designers worldwide. Case in point: Astilleros Armon has just unveiled a new yacht concept inspired by the practice of paper folding.

The 213-footer, aptly christened Origami, represents the first monohull support vessel in the Spanish yard’s fleet. Astilleros Armon says it has enjoyed great success with its previous catamaran support vessels, but is hoping to cater to more clients with the new monohull model.

Penned by Schwalgien Yacht Design, Origami features a sleek hull and a sharp vertical bow to pierce through the water. Amidships, a collection of aluminum plates have been folded like paper to create a striking angular superstructure befitting of the ancient art form. Origami, which means “to fold paper” in Japanese, is thought to have been invented in China around 105 AD, but, today, encompasses folded creations from all cultures (even superyachts from Spain, apparently).

Origami Yacht Concept
The yacht is equipped with an aft helipad. Schwalgien Yacht Design

Artful exterior aside, Origami is a support vessel at heart. With a beam of 39 feet, the yacht will be able to schlep a full arsenal of supplies for her mothership. She is fitted with a helicopter hangar aft for a chopper, along with a large deck that can hold either three tenders or two tenders and a submarine. Of course, there’s also plenty of room for water toys.

Origami Yacht Concept
The deck aft can hold two tenders. Schwalgien Yacht Design

Onboard, meanwhile, the generous interior can accommodate up to 22 crew. As standard, the layout includes a large crew lounge and a gym. Seafarers can also opt to add staff cabins, guest cabins or even science labs and research facilities.

Origami Yacht Concept
There is space for water toys, too. Schwalgien Yacht Design

Origami is designed to soar like a paper plane, too. The vessel’s draft of approximately 10 feet will allow her to carry a full fuel load for her mothership all across the globe. She will be outfitted with the latest tech and equipment. What’s more, Astilleros Armon’s experience in commercial shipbuilding means that seafarers can expect exceptionally short construction times.

Origami private jet next?

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