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Watch: This Turtle-Shaped 1,800-Foot Terayacht Doubles as a Floating City for 60,000 People

Pangeos could sail a city of seafarers around the world with no emissions.

Pangeos Terayacht Concept Lazzarini Design Studio

Leave it to Lazzarini Design Studio to conceive a turtle-shaped vessel big enough to house an entire city.

The disruptive Italian firm, known for designing flying superyachts, futuristic seaports and the like, has just unveiled a humongous “terayacht” concept with the capacity to accommodate thousands upon thousands of seafarers.

Pangeos is named in honor of the Pangea supercontinent that existed millions of years ago during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. Like its namesake, it would cover a fair share of the ocean, too. The behemoth measures 1,800 feet in total length and 2,000 feet at its widest point in the wings. If built, it would become the world’s largest floating structure.

Pangeos Terayacht
Pangeos can hit a top speed of 5 knots. Lazzarini Design Studio

The steel hull comprises 30,000 individual “cells” that would help keep Pangeos afloat. The tera-turtle can sail around the world nonstop sans emissions on account of a virtually endless supply of green energy. The vessel is covered in solar panels that generate clean power from the sun for the hotel load and propulsion system. Powered by nine electric motors of 16,800 hp each, Pangeos could cruise at a maximum speed of 5 knots. The “wings” could also draw more power from the waves and wind.

Onboard, Pangeos is a mix between a five-star resort, a cruise ship and a city. Lazzarini says she can accommodate as many as 60,000 guests via a combination of villas and apartments. Other highlights include a rooftop mall, sprawling gardens, several pools and a supersized beach club. Naturally, the yacht is fitted with helipads, hangars and marinas to store choppers, toys and tenders.

Pangeos Terayacht Concept
The villas on the wings. Lazzarini Design Studio

In terms of construction, Lazzarini specified “the terayacht needs a terashipyard.” Essentially, Pangeos is too big to be built at an existing yard and thus would need a custom facility. Saudi Arabia has been put forward as a potential location. The designers estimate the vessel could be delivered in eight years at a cost of $8 billion.

Lazzarini has even thought of a way to raise some of the funds by launching Pangeos in the Metaverse. You can buy a virtual property as an NFT with cryptocurrency and this will act as a deposit for a physical property if Pangeos comes to fruition. May we suggest a lavish “super villa” for roughly $1,827 (1.5 ETH)?

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Lazzarini Design Studio

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