Sail With the Privileges of D-Marin Marinas

D-Marin Marinas Group goes full speed ahead with its programs, privileges and network, which make the Doğuş Group company a regional powerhouse in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea.

With a network of 10 marinas located across three Mediterranean countries that are well known for the beauty of their coastlines — Turkey, Greece and Croatia — D-Marin’s overall capacity reaches almost 9,000 berths, which makes it the largest international chain of marinas in the region.

Offering a unique experience at distinguished marinas, D-Marin gives its customers the freedom to cruise and discover new destinations within the network with all the privileges of D-Marin World.

After joining any of the annual programs — Passenger, Explorer and Conqueror — a yacht or superyacht owner can benefit from noteworthy berthing options, bespoke advantages and unrivaled rewards. Other programs such as Plus 1, D-Cat Club and Superyacht Freedom (to be launched soon), include seasonal benefits not to be missed.

The Passenger program enables the customer with an annual berthing contract with D-Marin to experience other D-Marin marinas within the program for up to 30 days without having to pay extra berthing fees.

By giving the power to choose, the Explorer program allows the owner to create a tailor-made annual berthing package, securing a berth at multiple D-Marin marinas. One annual fee enables the customer to choose the duration at each marina, providing guaranteed berthing with peace of mind.

The Conqueror premium annual package will allow the ultimate freedom to cruise the Eastern Mediterranean. The Conqueror is flexible and allows yachts to berth at D-Marin marinas any time, for as long as the owner wants and with the highest priority. The freedom of the Conqueror package gives access to D-Marin marinas without having to pay extra berthing fees or plan the voyage in advance.


The Plus 1 program enables an owner to invite a friend to join D-Marin Marinas Group as a ”Plus 1” with his/her yacht. If he signs an annual agreement at the same marina, the proposer will receive one month free berthing at the time of the next annual contract renewal.

D-Marin World destinations are: D-Marin Turgutreis, Göcek and Didim (Turkey); D- Marin Mandalina, Dalmacija and Borik (Croatia); Flisvos Marina, Zea, Gouvia and Lefkas (Greece).

Doğuş Group — one of the largest private-sector conglomerates in Turkey, with a portfolio around 180 companies — entered the marina industry in 2003 with D- Marin Turgutreis (Bodrum) and continued afterwards with the construction of the Didim and Göcek facilities, after which came, respectively, the acquisition of the Croatian and Greek marinas.

Flisvos, located a mere 6 km from the center of Athens, is Greece’s first exclusive marina to offer a large-scale mooring capacity for megayacht owners. It features 303 berths, 50% of which accomodate yachts with a length in excess of 35 meters. Its acquisition dates back to December 2012 and was followed, early this year, by that of the remaining Hellenic marinas.

Also located near Athens, Zea Marina represents another starting point to the Aegean islands, the Saronic Gulf and Crete, and is the natural home of large-sized yachts. The two remaining facilities are both ideal ports of departure for cruises in the Ionian and the Adriatic seas: Lefkas is situated right in the heart of the enchanting Ionian archipelago, while Gouvia, on the island of Corfu, is the largest marina in Greece in terms of berth capacity (with a total of 1,235 moorings plus 520 dry berths).

Overall in-the-water capacity of the four Greek marinas is 2,828 yachts (3,626 including the dry berths).

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