Sailogy Doubles Its Fleet in 2014

Founded in 2012, Chiasso-based (Switzerland) Sailogy aims to make the experience of renting a sailboat for vacations simple, fast, enjoyable and available to everyone, not only elites and experts. The company’s objective for 2014 has been reached, with a fleet of over 6,000 yachts present in the charter listings. With this level of offerings, both in quantity and variety, Sailogy has become the principle player in the on-line charter market. Sailogy presently covers all market segments, from entry level to high end, with more than 900 destinations worldwide.

The strength of Sailogy lies in the fleet’s certified quality. A team of experts, the Sail Hunters, travel to marinas throughout the world evaluating the characteristics of the boats on offer. Only the best charter companies and the highest quality yachts pass Sailogy quality control, creating a marketplace where safety comes first. Safety and quality don’t mean high prices however: with boats available for an average price of €50 per person, per day, this service is accessible to all.

A fleet of 6,000 boats across the world: 85% sail, 15% power. The fleet doubled in one year, the the objective for 2015 is to double again, to approximately 12,000 boats.

CLIENT LOCATIONS: There are 15 countries/regions in the portfolio. Top 4: Italy; United Kingdom; Russia; Benelux and Scandinavia.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE: 40% inexperienced sailors; 60% experienced sailors. 40% rent with skipper and 60% bare boat.


TYPES OF YACHT: 75% are Monohull, 22% are Catamaran, and 3% are House-boat.

Sailboat Charter Market Trends and Insights in 2015 and the Outlook for 2015

To gather the following market information, Sailogy examined a sample of 40,000 vacation week sales with 150 different destinations. All figures are in Euro and the turnover includes only boat rental fees. Extras (skipper, cleaning, mooring, tender, etc.) are not included. Confident of their expertise and exercising constant market intelligence gathering, Sailogy publishes the following information and charter market data for the 2014 season and the outlook for 2015.

AVERAGE PRICING: The average price for a week of sailing was €3,004, with peaks of €3,607 for July and August and a low of €1,776 for spring and fall months. The most expensive Mediterranean destination was Montenegro with an average of €4,146 per week, followed by Greece and Spain. The best prices were found in Croatia with €2,928 per week, just a bit below Italy and Turkey. The clients who spend the most are from the U.S., with an average weekly expenditure of €3,756, followed by Switzerland (3,557) and Italy (3,292). Greece was next to last with €2,224, and Belgium was last with an average of €1,929.

THE YACHTS: The most important and deciding element when making a reservation for a boat is the boat’s launch year. Boats launched in 2014 had an average of 20 weeks of charter that year. The weeks gradually decrease, and a boat launched in 2008 had only 17 weeks of charter, 16 weeks for a boat from 2007 and 15 for 2006. In Europe, the countries with the newest fleets are France, with 41% of their charter fleet having a maximum age of four years; Turkey is at 33% and Italy at 31%. The oldest fleets are found in Croatia, where 62% of the boats have more than six years, followed by Greece with 60%. Size-wise*, medium size wins hands down. Almost 70% of the fleet has three or four cabins. Only 7% has more than six cabins.

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