Sanlorenzo SL100

As its name suggests, the Sanlorenzo SL100 NEW represents an all-new style for Italian builder Sanlorenzo. The company commissioned Dordoni Architetti—the Italian architecture firm known for its buildings and modern furnishings—to execute the yacht’s interior, and the Milan-based studio approached the yacht as it would a metropolitan apartment. To provide a sense of fluidity in the main-deck salon, the firm created an elegant, unbroken space from bow to stern. Dordoni also limited the number of staterooms to three—many yachts in the 100-foot range feature four guest cabins—to allow for a lounge that leads to the spacious accommodations. Sanlorenzo and Dordoni tapped several Italian home-decor firms to help furnish the yacht’s interior, further distinguishing the SL100 NEW as a floating designer apartment. Sanlorenzo delivered the first example of the boat to the Genoa International Boat Show October, 2009.

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