Sea Bird: A Sub of One’s Own

Ppersonal submersibles are quickly becoming standard tenders in the luxury yachting world. The following manufacturers offer submersibles of various styles and capabilities.


OCEAN PEARL: SEAmagine’s two-person submersible, designed specifically for use as a tender on a luxury yacht, looks a bit like a pontoon-equipped helicopter that lost its rotors. Priced from $1.3 million to $3 million, depending on depth capabilities, this model has a comfortable cabin that is a transparent sphere perfect for 360-degree viewing. Its three electric motors control turning as well as vertical maneuvering. For safety, the craft always maintains a slightly positive buoyancy, and it will float slowly to the surface should something go wrong. SEAmagine Hydrospace Corp., 619.795.8483, www.seamagine.com


TRITON 1000: This popular $1.77 million model from U.S. Submarines features a large, acrylic passenger bubble set in a catamaran-like hull. The Triton 1000 provides three-axis maneuverability via joystick controls and digital touchscreen system monitors. Its relatively compact footprint allows for easy storage aboard most yachts, and it can be towed behind an SUV or truck. In addition to the Triton 1000, U.S. Submarines offers a full line of luxury submersible models. U.S. Submarines, 208.687.9057, www.ussubs.com



VAS SUBMARINE: Nautilus Underwater Systems’ VAS submersibles are the SUVs of the deep. Taking design cues from blimps, these odd-looking subs (which run from $1 million to $10 million) can accommodate up to 12 passengers. The company is currently working on two subs specifically for use with megayachts. One will be for exploration and diving; the other, more luxurious model will have a restroom and a bar. Nautilus Underwater Systems, 954.410.5129, www.yachtdive.com

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