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Meet the Spacruzzi, a Bonkers Hot Tub-Boat Hybrid That Comes With Its Own Fireplace

The electric vessel can cruise for up to five hours on a single charge.

You can probably guess what the Spacruzzi is from its punning moniker. For the sake of clarity, however, allow us to provide you with all the nitty-gritty details of this rather unconventional vessel.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Alex Kanwetz, the Spacruzzi is a cross between a hot tub and an electric dayboat. It allows up to five seafarers to enjoy a singular soaking experience on the high seas. It even comes with a fireplace to keep you and your posse nice and cozy.

Powered by a battery and an electric motor, the Spacruzzi can quietly cruise sans emissions for up to five hours. Of course, that time will vary on the sea conditions, speed and other factors. The batteries are easily swappable, though, so a charged one can be kept in reserve and used to extend your trip.

The hot tub boat is equipped with an internal heating and circulation system to keep the water at the right temp, along with a UV and saltwater filtration system to keep everything clean. There is also a ladder on the side that you can use to get in and out of the tub.

The Spacruzzi can cruise for up to five hours. Spacruzzi

Kanwetz and his team say the Spacruzzi also epitomizes American-made luxury. Each hull is built in either Nevada or Montana using local materials and suppliers. Crafted predominately from fiberglass, the teardrop-shaped vessel can be tailored to each owner’s tastes. There are various high-end finishes available, as well as custom hull colors and decking. You can also opt for extras, such as shade towers, floating drinks caddies or underwater lights, to further distinguish your vessel.

The team says Spacruzzi has received approvals to operate in some of the most heavily regulated bodies of water in the US. The vessel is suited to either personal or commercial use.

The Spacruzzi starts at $48,900. Spacruzzi

“Since we launched, we’ve seen immediate growth in both our rental and direct-to-consumer sales and this is continuing to grow,” Kanwetz said in a statement. “As you begin to see more rental operations popping up, we expect the awareness of the product to grow on the national level as more people see that this isn’t just a novelty item, but an experience that can’t be matched on the water.”

As for the fine print, the Spacruzzi starts at $48,900. Boat build and delivery time can take up to 120 days depending on the finish and features.

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