The Super-Cool Superfly GT 42 Superboat to Debut in Cannes

The Superfly GT 42 is a designer’s dreamboat, all the way from the glassed-in aft stateroom to the sci-fi helm station.

The Superfly GT 42 might share the name of a cheesy 1970s gangsta movie, but it could well be the most exciting yacht design to hit the water in the next few years. The Superfly concept, which will be officially launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival, includes a glass-enclosed cockpit, sci-fi helm station, creative owner’s cabin, and engines packing more than 1,880 horsepower.

Designed by Red Yacht Design, the Superfly’s builder will be Flying Flipper, a Swedish firm that built and competed in several record-setting superboats in the 1990s. The Superfly will look nothing like those go-fast boats, of course, or anything else on the water. The cockpit is a cocoon of glass, with tall wraparound windshields that extend all the way aft, and an enormous glass-ceiling panel that slides back over the aft cabin—more greenhouse than sunroof. Two side lounges in the cockpit work well for sitting at anchor, then maneuver into forward-facing positions when the Superfly starts flying. The sci-fi helm features a rectangular wheel, gearshifts, and throttles that extend outward around the driver’s legs, and sizable touchscreen consoles for easy navigation and control of onboard functions.

The aft stateroom is directly connected to the cockpit through a glass door. Inside, a centerline king-size bed, skylight, and two rear windows that face the stern look more like something from a Star Trek set than a typical high-performance yacht. Two V-shaped side panels offer excellent side views.

Forward, a full-size galley, saloon, and adjoining bathroom (with a door that looks like a hologram screen) provide social and dining spaces, while the bow stateroom has a V-berth, sunroof, and big-screen television for guests. Considering this boat is about speed, the accommodations are well thought out.


The Superfly GT 42 has a half-dozen engine options, including multiple outboards that can total 1,881 horsepower, Mercury Racing inboards, and even twin outboards with a Torqeedo electric outboard for a hybrid option. With the triple Seven Marine 627 hp outboards, the designers expect the boat to exceed 65 knots, making it a true performance thoroughbred.

Given the creative, innovative look by Red Yacht Design and the anticipated top speed, the Super Fly GT 42 could well be one of the fastest, and arguably the most fun, concepts at the Cannes boat show.

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