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The Designers of This 197-foot Superyacht Marshaled Organic Shapes to Create a Plush, Warm Interior

The soft, muted interior of the new Amels 60 offers a kinder, gentler flip side to the more angular, muscular exterior.

Amels 60 Winch Design

The current trend among many superyacht designers is to either match the inside and outside, or create an exterior and interior that seemingly belong on different vessels. Winch Design’s interior of the first yacht in the Amels 60 series manages to convey the unusual shapes and patterns of the Espen Øino exterior, but the Winch team used softer, organic shapes and colors to create a more relaxed sensibility for the interior of the yacht.

“The interior design is influenced by the angular signature of the exterior,” Jim Dixon, Winch Design’s director of yachts and aviation, told Robb Report. “The unifying facets and angles complemented by soft corners are mimicked in the interior architecture and furniture details throughout the yacht.”

The design team used the angles, but also softened the shapes by combining them with organically inspired forms for an interior that feels “beachy,” according to Dixon, with a “subtle, masculine edge.” The designers also used smooth, chamfered edges and brushed finishes on the bespoke furniture.

Amels 60

The Espen Øino exterior is defined by its angles and geometric shapes.  Amels

The interior colors are also subtle and warm, and the palette of materials includes Jerusalem limestone, light-bleached matte oak, light-tone walnut and bronze. “The natural materials play a key role in creating the harmonious atmosphere of the interior, with the interplay of layers of texture,” adds Dixon. “The beauty of the materials is in their tactility; not overpowering, but with a surface quality that draws you near and creates a physical connection with the interior.”

Beyond the world-class design teams, the new Amels 60 also differs from many yachts in its class by the hybrid propulsion system that delivers a range of 4,500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 13 knots. The six-stateroom yacht will accommodate 12 guests and 13 crew.


Amels 60

The designers used straight edges to link it to the exterior, but also employed muted colors and organic materials for a more relaxed ambiance.  Winch Design

“Since we introduced our new Amels 60 design at the end of the summer, we’ve been blown away by the market’s reaction,” Rose Damen, Amels’s managing director, said last November after the yacht was quickly sold. “We’re very proud of the design and excited about building this new yacht for her owner.” The project has left the concept design stage and has moved to the tender process. Delivery is due for summer 2022.

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