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Tankoa S693 Suerte Successfully Launched

Tankoa, the first boutique shipyard with a multi-cultural approach for yacht construction, has the pleasure to announce the successful launch of its first yacht, the 69.30-meter Tankoa S693.

Tankoa Yachts and Yacht-Ology, Michel Karsenti’s company, are pleased to announce impeccable launch of project S693, which will be now known as Suerte. Built for one of Karsenti’s loyal clients, construction of this first yacht of 69.30 meters has been carried out on schedule, notwithstanding the numerous upgrades decided by the client in conjunction with the shipyard.

Suerte will be officially introduced to the public and the yachting industry on the occasion of the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. Tankoa Yachts – the “boutique shipyard” based in Genoa – and its global sales and marketing agent, Yacht-Ology, are particularly proud of the launch.

As soon as Suerte reached the water, she has shown a perfect balance with zero degree lateral inclination and a draft only one centimeter off calculations. The technical launch took place, along with first tests, on the June 25, 2015.

From July 1 until the end of the month, M/Y Suerte will undertake its sea trials, technical tests, stability tests, and all necessary Class endurance runs. The yacht will be ready for final delivery mid-August 2015.

Generators, soot burners, AC systems and most of the hydraulic systems have been successfully tested while Suerte was still seating on a submersible barge. A few hours later, she was towed to be moored stern to Tankoa 250-meter dock. Suerte has already started dock tests, and both stability tests with R.I.N.A. and Lloyd’s were successfully passed.


The yacht will start cruising in the second half of August, after all the owner’s supplies and toys have been safely installed onboard.

Edoardo Ratto, GM of Tankoa, declared right after Suerte left the dock: “Achieving such perfect balance at first launch happens once every 40 new launches. I am truly and sincerely emotional about it because this is our first yacht as Tankoa and despite our impressive technical office, the highest level of professionalism of our engineers and our background in yacht building, there are always some unforeseen factors that can affect balance at the time of first launching. Most builders are still capable to compensate an eventual slight balance issue with all that is left to install onboard, but here, we have nothing to correct.”

Naval Architect Professor Ruggiero, standing on the dock was speechless after seeing Suerte being towed out of the barge and declared later: “I launched more than 400 boats in my life. I don’t remember when I saw last such a perfect result from first time in the water. As good a naval architect can be, once the underwater lines are delivered and tank testing reached satisfactory results, we don’t have full control of what the builder’s technical office and project management do all along the project. In this specific case, I can tell that all they did is just amazing.”

For Michel Karsenti and Yacht-Ology, the sales and marketing force behind Tankoa, this was not just one more launch. In his words: “This launch was very emotional for all of us. The entire design phase conducted with Francesco Paszkowski was heading towards creating a modern yacht that would still look very good ten years down the road. From color renderings to the yacht being assembled in the shed, it is always difficult to get a true feel of what the effect will be once in the water. Seeing her sitting perfectly in her lines gave all of us the feel of a well-achieved teamwork. Getting to such level of technical achievement with a first yacht is the living proof that an Italian yacht builder, when investing wisely, can compete with the world’s best shipyard. Lots of other builders asked me why when they heard about the Yacht-Ology-Tankoa agreement almost two years ago. I bet they will perfectly understand why after they see Suerte during the Monaco Yacht Show! Tankoa is a first class builder, and on our side, at Yacht-Ology, we pride ourselves to be marketers. I guess we will have to work even harder to keep up with the incoming demand we are facing for Tankoa Yachts.”

Completion of the interiors is 95 percent done. The final touches will take place in water. Shaft alignments and engine first start were conducted 48 hours after launching.

The Celebration

The launch of this first yacht in Tankoa’s 70 meter series was celebrated July 1 with a sit-down dinner for 500 people, gathering Tankoa’s employees, subcontractors, suppliers, international brokers, designers and a selection of international journalists. The 500 guests arrived at the shipyard, where a particularly original setup was in place inside a 100-meter dry dock, with Suerte berthed right in front of it.

As with every action taken by the shipyard, the best professional in event planning was retained. Umberto Ottino, whose reputation spans all over Europe and the Middle East for luxury brands, orchestrated the party. The pre-dinner speech consisted of a sincere thank you to all parties involved in the construction of this stunning yacht, as well as to the experienced owner, who trusted Tankoa Yachts for his new build.

The dinner was followed by a very fresh and original light show, with flying bubble dancers moving between the barge and Suerte, with a concomitant spectacular light show.

Those present were blown away by the warmth of the atmosphere that was created on this industrial site, which reflected the passion Tankoa Yachts cultivates in the way relationships are handled and how the company produces yachts.

Save the date – Monaco Yacht Show 2015

Tankoa will organize more events, which will take place during the MYS 2015, in order to spend more time with its followers. One of these will be very exclusive with a true culinary surprise…..stay tuned!

Soon to be released – Two New 53-Meter Models

During the Monaco Yacht Show as well as the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Tankoa and Yacht-Ology will introduce a new 53-meter concept, with code names S531 and S532: Two yachts with exceptional design by Francesco Paszkowski, with asymmetrical main deck design for S531; and a full wide-body, three-suites main deck for S532. These two yachts will offer the amenities of much larger yachta in a package, respectively, of 740 GRT and 800 GRT.

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