The Toys of Summer 2012: Triton 3300/3

The new Triton 3300/3 submersible from Vero Beach, Fla.–based Triton Submarines might not reach the 6.8-mile depth that film director James Cameron achieved during his recent record-breaking descent into the Mariana Trench, but the 13-foot-long, 9.8-?foot-wide craft will provide a glimpse at an underwater world few have seen. The Triton’s 3300/3 numerical designation connotes its capabilities: It can ferry three people—a pilot, who controls the craft with an intuitive three-axis joystick, and two passengers—to a depth of 3,300 feet during dives lasting as long as 10 hours. The Triton’s transparent acrylic bubble affords panoramic views of the surroundings, which the vessel’s powerful LED headlights illuminate.



The sub’s starting price of $3 million includes four weeks of pilot training, during which the owner and his or her yacht crew learn how to launch the Triton from a deck or tender garage (a launch crane is sold separately) and how to recover and stow it.


Triton Submarines, 772.770.1995, www.tritonsubs.com

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