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Written on the Water: This 135-Foot Superyacht Comes With a Matching Pen

Italy's historic Montegrappa pen maker has partnered with Monaco's Dynamiq to create a fine writing instrument styled after the new Dynamiq GTT 135.

Pen Dynamiq Yachts

For anyone contemplating a purchase of one of its yachts, Dynamiq has made it that much more pleasant to sign on the dotted line with a luxury, custom pen that’s modeled after the company’s GTT 135 superyacht.

The pen project came about when the Giuseppe Aquilla, the owner of the renown 108-year-old Italian pen maker Montegrappa, visited Dynamiq earlier this year and noted a kinship between the companies. “We share many of the same values, like an insistence on quality, craftmanship and innovation,” Aquilla says.

For Dynamiq, it’s part of an ongoing plan by the Monaco-based builder to align its yachts with other high-end accessories that enhance its goal of quality and luxury. Other recent partners include Fürstenberg porcelain from Germany and Carter & White, an Emirati textile manufacturer.


The stylized Montegrappa pen has colors that are similar to the Dynamiq GTT 135. Even the end is wood, like the transom of the yacht.  Dynamiq Yachts

The pen, a roller ball, has a metal body that’s curved to mimic the yacht’s lines and comes in a champagne silver that also matches the boat. The end of the pen is finished with real wood meant to resemble a deck, and its gold pocket clip has the Dynamiq name embossed along it. Pen and yacht share a model name, GTT 135, and Montegrappa even offers a similar purchase approach as Dynamic’s: a base product that can be customized through an online configuration tool. In this case, anyone who purchases one of the yachts, can add the pen as an option.

As with any item that appeals to “want” more than “need,” a pen should instill desire or add value. Montegrappa’s pens are collector’s items, and its baseline roller balls start at $225 and soar into the thousands for special lines. Its fountain pens with gold nibs run even higher.


Additional pens to match other Dynamiq models are expected later this year. While these writing implements may not necessarily help navigate the ocean, they will allow one to conquer a sea of words.

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