Triton’s New 1000/3 LP Submarine Will Dive to 1,000 Feet and Fit in a Megayacht Garage

The new low-profile submersible is large enough to carry three people into the dark depths of the ocean…

Triton Submarines of Vero Beach, Fla., hopes to make the wonders of the undersea world even more accessible with the introduction of its smallest three-person submersible yet, the Triton 1000/3 LP, at the Monaco Yacht Show last week. The LP in the sub’s designation stands for “low profile” and refers to the craft’s compact design. Measuring just 10.5 feet in length and 8.7 feet in width, and weighing only 7,650 pounds, the new submarine can be housed in most megayacht tender garages without requiring the owner to invest in a major refit.

The Triton 1000/3 LP is able to transport its pilot and two passengers to depths of 1,000 feet, well into the inky darkness of the ocean’s dysphotic zone, which is home to many rarely seen species of fish and invertebrates. The craft’s transparent acrylic cockpit allows panoramic views of its surroundings, and the four-thruster propulsion system is controlled by a simple joystick and allows the sub to move in any direction. Dives can last as long as 10 hours, with emergency life support able to provide oxygen for another 96 hours, should the need arise. The Triton 1000/3 LP is priced at $3.15 million, which includes an extensive pilot-training program at the company’s headquarters. (www.tritonsubs.com)

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