Vanquish Yachts’ First Sports Boat

The VQ48 is ideal for day trips with many guests…

The remarkable all-aluminum custom-construction Vanquish VQ48 sports boat is the first of its kind for the Dutch designers, and showcases the crème de la crème of premium features for which Vanquish Yachts is famed. In collaboration with Guido de Groot Design, Studio Delta, and Wester Naval Architecture, Vanquish Yachts is thrilled to unveil the VQ48 in Saint-Tropez, while the second model will premiere in Ibiza this month.

With ultimate comfort, plenty of space for socializing and parties (the boat seats up to 19), and an array of customization options, each client gets to create a yacht that suits their particular idea of boating pleasure. An exceptional helm, large lounge seats, and a convertible top (which opens via a system of traditional tubes and braces seen on Biminis) round out the VQ48’s features.

The VQ48 also blends the best elements of Vanquish’s entire yacht line, like the foredeck version of the VQ50’s dinette and the sunbeds from the VQ43.

Weighing only 14 tons, the VQ48 is excellent for maneuverability and acceleration with top speeds of over 40 knots. An electric anchor, designed to fit within the lines of the underwater hull, ultimately conceals the chain and winch while at anchor. (vanquish-yachts.com)

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