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On Virgin’s First Cruise Ship, You Can Order Champagne by Shaking Your Phone

Shake and you shall receive.

Virgin Voyages Shake for Champagne Virgin Voyages

Save water, drink Champagne. That’s a mantra we can get on board with. It’s also a mantra onboard The Scarlet Lady—the inaugural cruise ship from Virgin Voyages—where those words are emblazoned in big neon letters, and where bubbly is king.

Case in point: The ship will feature an on-demand Champagne delivery service that allows seafarers to order a 750 ml bottle of Möet Chandon Impérial whenever they please, simply by giving their phone a good jiggle. When the Sailor App is shaken, a secret “Press for Champagne” button is revealed and with just one click your fizz appears—in an eye-catching Virgin red Champagne bucket, no less.

No, the crew isn’t wandering around looking for people shaking phones; nor is it some kind of Branson wizardry. Virgin utilizes in-app location services to pin-point exactly where you are on the ship. If you’ve ever shared a live location on WhatsApp or Facebook, it’s the same premise. The user has to enable location services first, then your real-time location can be accessed by Virgin for a specific amount of time. Once you stop sharing your live location or close the app, Virgin will no longer know where you are.

“There’s nothing more luxurious than having Champagne at your beck and call or even a shake,” said Nathan Rosenberg, CMO Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyages Shake for Champagne

Virgin Voyages


We couldn’t agree more. But “Shake for Champagne” is just the cherry on top of The Scarlet Lady’s boozy offerings. There’s also a decadent Champagne and caviar lounge—fittingly called Sip—where you can savor a $1,000 bottle of vintage champers, dollops of caviar, or a signature high tea. (Given Branson’s British roots, we’re positive the cucumber finger sandwiches will be top-notch.) The lounge—also Champagne-inspired—features a statement marble bar with rose-gold inlays, plush navy carpet and ocean-blue banquettes.

Virgin Voyages Sip Champagne Lounge

Sip Champagne Lounge  Virgin Voyages

If you’re not into bubbly, there, of course, other options: Earlier this year, Branson himself brewed a beer that will be poured aboard all of the cruise line’s ships. The signature English Pale Ale was made in partnership with Miami’s Wynwood Brewing Company and will be one of eight brews available on the Lady.

In July, the billionaire business mogul told Robb Report that he was “not a cruise fan,” but he felt that Virgin Voyages would offer an experience that even he and his fellow cruise-haters would love. Upon hearing this latest fizzy news, we’re inclined to agree. The Scarlet Lady is slated for completion in 2020 and is now accepting reservations for the first trip to the Caribbean next April.

Did we mention, there are no kids allowed? Bottoms up, folks.

Virgin Voyages Sip Champagne Lounge

Sip Champagne Lounge  Virgin Voyages

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