Virtual-Reality Yacht Tours Lets You Board Yachts Before They Are Built

Dominator’s New Virtual Reality Experience involves an enclosed pod, 3-D goggles, and special shoes…

Dominator’s Virtual Tours

At boat shows throughout the world, prospective buyers have been able to tour the Dominator Ilumen while the yacht is under construction in Italy. The company has developed a virtual-reality experience called Usence that involves an enclosed round pod, 3-D goggles, and special shoes. Inside the pod and with the goggles on, you have the sensation of being aboard the yacht. You can move from the saloon to the master suite to the flybridge, checking out the size of each space and seeing what the various customization options would look like. Want to change that white onyx countertop to Bianco Perlino marble? No problem. Alterations can be made with the push of a button. Also, the pod is equipped with railings that have sections of carbon fiber, polished wood, stainless steel, and leather, allowing you to sample what the various materials feel like. All that’s missing is the heat of the sun and a salty ocean breeze. (dominatoryachts.com)

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