A Water Limo Concept That Every Superyacht Needs

Inspired by private jets, the 75-foot Endeavour is a vision of clean lines…

When Federico Fiorentino and Marijana Radovic of Milanese design studio M2 Atelier set out to create a superfast, ultrasleek water limousine, we knew the resulting craft would look nothing short of spectacular. The 75-foot Endeavour superlimo concept is a vision of clean lines that sweep into an aerodynamic silhouette with a light-bronze-and-gold livery that blends beautifully with mahogany accents, stainless-steel detailing, and large windows facing panoramic views. The luxurious water limo can accommodate up to six guests and is ideal for reaching the mother yacht or simply transferring to another island, reaching the airport, or ferrying to a villa. With speeds of up to 50 knots (depending upon engine configuration chosen) the Endeavour will be the fastest first-class experience on the water. (m2atelier.com)

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