This Weekend Cruiser Is Spacious, Stylish, and Coming to Cannes

The customizable D43 could be the Cannes Yachting Festival’s next overnight sensation…

Eye-catching composition and jaw-dropping performance are the calling cards of the new De Antonio Yachts D43 weekend cruiser. The latest dynamo from the Barcelona-based boatbuilding team headed by Marc de Antonio and Stanislas Chmielewski, the 44-foot cruiser can accommodate up to 12 passengers and offers an array of customization options, including the engine configuration and the interior layout. Depending on their needs, owners can opt for a living space with two or three cabins complemented by a comprehensive galley with a refrigerator and a ceramic cooktop. And, when it comes to power, De Antonio offers a selection of either four 350 hp outboard engines or two 800 hp inboard engines that can propel the craft to a top speed of 53 knots.  

A sporty hard-top convertible, the D43 features an open deck design that can be fully enclosed when the hinged-tailgate cab and its retractable canvas cover are engaged. The helm controls are equally easy to navigate thanks to a 12-inch Furuno touchscreen GPS system.

Founded in 2012, De Antonio’s first release was the D23, a speedy, eight-passenger motorboat with a striking, futuristic aesthetic. Earlier this year, at the Düsseldorf International Boat Show, the company released the updated D23 Tender, as well as a version designed for cruising that boasts increased deck size and a cabin with an en suite bathroom, a kitchenette, and seats that fold to form a double bed. Concurrently, De Antonio unveiled the D33, a 33-foot, V-hulled speedboat equipped with sundecks at the bow and the stern. Belowdecks, the yacht can be outfitted in three interior-design styles (standard, sport, and classy) and houses a full galley and two cabins. Propulsion options include dual 350 hp outboard engines that deliver prodigious power.

With its latest launch, De Antonio sets the industry on notice by unveiling three boats of varying sizes in the same year. Having sailed through its sea trials last week, the D43 will be ready for the Cannes Yachting Festival, which will be held from September 8 through 13. (deantonioyachts.com)

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