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YXT Yacht world leader in the new trend of support vessel debuted in Monaco with YXT 20m

YXT – Yacht X Tender – a division of Lynx Yachts – successfully debuted during the Monaco Yacht Show 2016 with its YXT 20.

The Dutch manufacturer Lynx Yachts is a new and dynamic yard founded in 2010/2011, that is characterized by two production divisions: the fully custom line (Lynx Yachts) division that includes displacement motor yachts from 25m to 50m in steel and aluminum, and the YXT Yacht x Tender division that includes displacement aluminum shadow boats and support vessels from 20m to 40m – for the moment!

YXT is now the World leader in the support vessel market, with the first launch of the full custom Heliad II (34m) in 2013 and the YXT One (24m) that touched the water in 2014. Following the success of the first units, both already sold, in the summer of 2016 the yard launched the 20m YXT while the full custom line will be augmented in the course of the year with new design proposals.

The main purpose of support vessel/shadow boats is to respond to Owner’s growing requests for additional space on board yachts, essentially to store sea toys like (cars, helicopters and jet skis, fishing equipment, windsurf and sup boards…). In other words all the “non–essential” belongings, which contribute immensely to the amazing and diverse experiences of yachting.

Shadow boats are considered an alternative to increase the length/size of the mothership and represent a solution for designers to answer to the request of more “storage” space. Building a support vessel/shadow boat also allows the designer to maintain proper and pleasant exterior lines and proportions of the mothership.


YXT20 is created in the Netherlands in an ultramodern, climate-controlled facility where every member of the LYNX team brings unsurpassed shipbuilding experience and Dutch craftsmanship.

Truly distinctive in form – even from a distance, the YXT 20 conveys instantly her unique concept and mission: a perfect blend of utility, seaworthiness and style.

The YXT 20 was conceived to support power and sailing yachts of any size, or be an explorer yacht, all on her own.

The large 45 square meter open deck can be a comfortable base for a large tender, a sailboat, 2 wave runners, a big RIB, paddle boards, wind surf boards, Sea Bobs, scuba diving gear, submarines, containers, cars or motorcycles and literally tons of storage.

The YXT 20’s interiors design is by Franck Darnet of Franck Darnet Design. The yacht was conceived as a support vessel for superyachts ranging from 30 to over 70 meters. The unit is propelled by two 715hp Cummins diesels giving her a range of 900 nautical miles and a 14 knot cruising speed.

YXT 20 support vessel has a white livery, giving her a fresher and more marine aspect. This color scheme also emphasizes the gamma’s production philosophy: created for carrying extra toys and gadgets, the vessel’s use is closer to the fun and leisure aspects of seagoing (beach club or party deck, even extra accommodation).

A stern mounted gangway davit, allowing use of the transom beach area to carry tenders and jet skis. The stairs and the first four meters of deck are completed in teak, underlining the yachting style of the YXT 20.


The YXT 20’s design recognizes that different owners have different objectives, so is available in two versions – “High Profile” with extra freeboard and “Low Profile”.

In the High Profile version, the YXT 20 can accommodate eight with four guest in two luxurious guest cabins. In both versions, four crew enjoy comfortable and efficient crew quarters in two twin cabins with galley, stowage and laundry plus one large storage container accessible from the main deck. It can also be used for extra refrigerator appliances, wine cellars, or when necessary, even an extra accommodation, a spa or a gym. Like any LYNX yacht, owners can customize and make it their own.


This is the primary characteristic of every support vessel. The YXT 20 features two davits – the primary is located on the main deck, the secondary, which also serves as the gangway, at the stern. The two 360-degree davits have a lifting capacity of 1.7 tons primary, 0.5 at the stern with a 5 meter reach and 360° slewing.


Guest area and lounge: bulkheads and overheads in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood, parquet flooring. Furnishings in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood.


Bulkheads in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood, parquet flooring. Furnishings in white laminate veneer marine grade plywood with wood trim.


Hold: 5m x 5m, 25m2

Available volume: apx. 30m3 of stowage with standing headroom Length: 5m

Width at deck level: apx. 5.5m

Centerline headroom: 1.8m/1.95m

Lateral headroom (for storage only): 1.25m

Available storage volume: 30cbm

​The YXT range  – 20 to 36 meter steel displacement shadow boats/support vessels

The 20m to 36m production range was conceived with a completely different philosophy and vision in respect to traditional Lynx Yachts. President Slim Bouricha strongly believes in the use and diffusion of this type of vessel; he does not consider the shadow boat to be just a short lived trend but a boat that every owner will sooner or later consider useful. This explains the yard’s investment in producing YXT yachts both in series and “on spec”, conforming to very precise choices in construction, transport, material and operating costs.

Slim Bouricha – Lynx Yachts President – tells more about YXT concept: “The main reason for owning a shadow vessel is really to unleash the potential of the main yacht and enhance considerably the yachting experience. Owners and charterers are more and more demanding and there are so many new desired toys and tenders every year. Once we reach a certain size, it does not make sense to upsize anymore and give out prime real estate space. The YXT concept will deliver more than the bigger yacht can, at a starting price just below 2M€. As for the operating expenses, a YXT will be reveal to be considerably less expensive as well. The variations are endless, whether we are carrying nautical tenders or cars, buggies or motorcycles … even extra accommodation.

We have also received many inquiries from people who want to use the YXT as their main yacht, and our team is very busy on the drawing board to develop the perfect YXT for each one of these potential owners. Our YXT series has been designed so that it is a platform with enough flexibility to respond to a large range or requirements”.

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