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The Fat, Fat Tires on This New Electric Mountain Bike Are Begging for a Winter Snow Ride

The Philadelphia company's e-bike is built to ride through all manner of uncooperative weather.

The Christini Fat E-5 All-Wheel-Drive Electric Mountain Bike Christini

As we hurtle towards the official start of winter, most of us in colder climes have already packed away our bikes for the season. After all, who wants to bike through rain and snow? But for those diehards, who insist on riding through the year’s coldest months, Christini may have just the ride for you: the electric Fat E-5 Ultra Mid Drive mountain bike.

Known for its traditional and electric all-wheel drive bikes, the Philadelphia-based manufacturer has dreamt up an e-bike that even the snow can’t slow down. Whether you need to get to work or just want to spend time on the trails on a snowy weekend afternoon, the Fat E-5 is made to get you to your destination, thanks to a beefy motor, ridiculously fat tires and a versatile all-wheel-drive mode.

Built on an aluminum frame with an integrated all-wheel-drive system, the Fat E-5 features a 1000W Bafang rear-hub motor that gets its juice from a Polly-02 52V, 14ah battery. While speed figures for the bike weren’t available—it’s more about what it can handle than how fast it can go—Christini promises you’ll get 50 miles of range from the bike, which is more than enough for a trail run. And true to its name, the bike is outfitted with 26-inch Vee Tire Snow Shoe XL tires with a massive 4.8-inch-wide tread to help you.

Vee Tire Snow Shoe XL tires

The Vee Tire Snow Shoe XL  Vee Tire Co.

But what really separates the Fat E-5 from other electric mountain bikes is a switch on the handlebars that engages its all-wheel-drive mechanism, according to Wired. Once triggered, the spiral gears running through the bike’s frame get to work, delivering power to both wheels and providing plenty of traction and control no matter how wet or slippery the surface. And if one wheel stars to slip, e-assisted pedal strokes get transferred to the other wheel, making sure you can keep going. The system also allows the bike to climb over everything from ice to large roots to rocks with ease.

The Fat-E5 has a price tag of $5,995, plus $150 for shipping. All of Christini’s all-wheel-drive bikes are available through its website or by emailing info@christinibicycles.com.

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