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Italdesign’s Ducati Electric Concept Bike Is a Dream We Hope Comes True

The motorcycle maker really needs to get in contact with the design firm.

Ducati isn’t in a rush to release its first electric motorcycle, but when the brand is finally ready to join the electric revolution, we hope they give Italdesign a call.

The heralded design firm recently released a video with renderings of an all-electric concept inspired by the legendary 860 GT sports bike. Only one word is needed to describe the futuristic prototype: gorgeous.

Ducati 860-E concept by Italdesign

Ducati 860-E concept by Italdesign  Italdesign/YouTube

Of course, if anyone is going to redesign the 860 GT, it’s only fitting that it’s Italdesign. That’s because the original stripped-down bike was dreamt up by one of the firm’s co-founders, Giorgetto Giugiaro. Its angular fuel tank and duck-tail seat were bold design choices at the time and helped the bike stand out. Unfortunately, they were also off-putting to customers, forcing Ducati to redesign the bike just two years after its 1974 introduction. In the five decades since, the bike design has undergone a critical reappraisal and is now accepted as a beautiful machine that was years ahead of its time.

While the original bike and concept do look quite different, there’s a clear spiritual connection between the two. Like its predecessor, the 860-E is angular and naked, which gives it a look that’s at once stylish and athletic. Its hollowed out circular LED headlamp is also quite eye-catching, and something we hope more e-motorcycles adopt. This is purely a design mockup, so there are no technical details available, but Italdesign wrote in the video description that it’s meant to be “fully electric and quiet.”

Ducati 860-E concept by Italdesign


Sadly, the renderings don’t appear to hint at a project to come. “No production is planned for this model, which is a mere exercise in style,” the design firm said, adding that it’s purely meant as an homage to one of the most famous Italian motorcycles.

Still, stranger things have happened. Count us among those who’d like to see this design fantasy become a reality.

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