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Ora ïto’s New Lightweight E-Bike Lets You Monitor Your Ride With a Handlebar Touchscreen

The stylish Angell e-bike weighs just over 30 pounds.

Angell e-bike in silver Angell

The last half of the decade saw electric bicycles undergo a much-needed evolution, morphing from hulking monstrosities into something sleeker and lighter, that you could easily carry up a flight of stair or two. Still, Ora ïto thinks there’s still room for improvement, especially where city bikes are concerned.

Enter the Paris-based company’s new Angell bicycle. The result of a collaboration with entrepreneur Marc Simoncini, the e-bike is both a stylish way of getting around town and ultralight, especially when compared to its peers.

Featuring an streamlined, no frills design, the Angell weighs in at just 30.6 pounds thanks to a frame made from aluminum and carbon. Comparable e-bikes tend to weigh in closer to 40 lbs. In fact, the only one we can think of that weighs less than the Angell is Specialized’s Turbo Creo SL, and that bike is only a pound lighter and costs three times the price.

The Angell’s light weight is complemented by a spare aesthetic. It offers a gorgeous, rounded take on a classic city bike that’s been trimmed of unnecessary detail. The bike also features hidden hyperbolic indicator lights and a removable battery that will provide 43 miles-worth of pedal-assist range on a single charge and can be refilled in just two hours. With a top speed of 15.5 mph, it won’t win any speed contests, but this is a bike designed for city living not racing.

Angell e-bike in matte black

Angell e-bike in matte black  Angell

The Angell also has plenty of high-tech features. Chief among them is its handle-bar mounted, 2.4-inch touchscreen smart cockpit, where you can keep track of the bike’s status as well as your journey. The touchscreen will help you monitor battery level, speed, journey progress, fitness data, weather and the pollution index. The cockpit will also allow you to choose between one of three riding modes, Free Ride, Navigation and Sport.

The Angell is currently available for pre-order through the bike’s dedicated website. The stylish bicycle is available in silver or matte black and has a starting price of $2,390, though options like mudguards and a wooden, front-mounted basket can push that number higher.

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