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This Fat-Tired Electric Bike Is Designed to Take on Any Terrain—Including Rivers

The bike comes with an optional generator that can be used to recharge its battery or other electric vehicles.

Robo.Systems 2x2 Ultra Bike Robo.Systems

Looking for an e-bike that you can take off road? What about one that can go even further?

If that’s the case, may we direct your attention to Robo.Systems’s latest specialized off-road vehicle, the 2×2 Ultra Bike. The battery-powered two-wheeler is so versatile that you can use it to ride through water.

With its stripped down, Mad Max-esque design and giant fat tires, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the 2×2 Ultra Bike for a gas guzzler. It’s not, though. Instead, both of its wheels are equipped with their own 1,000-watt brushless DC motor. The motors get their juice from a 48-volt LifePo4 battery pack situated in a water-proof casing where a gas-powered motorcycle’s engine would normally sit. It’s big enough that you can ride for 40 miles between charges and takes just an hour to recharge.

The Robo.Systems 2x2 Ultra Bike with 50-gallon balloons equipped

The Robo.Systems 2×2 Ultra Bike with 50-gallon balloons equipped  Robo.Systems

We’ve seen rugged e-bikes before, but there are two features that separate this particular two-wheeler from the pack. The first is a gas-powered, 800-watt generator that can be used to recharge the bike if needed, extending its range significantly. The device also acts as an inverter in case you want to share some of that juice with something else. The second are its big, fat low-pressure tires. They’re designed to ride over nearly any kind of terrain, including dirt, rocks, mud and snow. Even better, attach an optional set of 50-gallon balloons and you can fjord across a stream. The tires can also be used to store gas for the generator.

Robo.Systems is taking order for the 2×2 Ultra Bike now. The two-wheeler normally costs $2,600 but is currently available through the company’s website for $1,900 or through its Indiegogo page for an even-more-discounted $1,790. You can also opt for a package that includes the bike and all the available bells and whistles, including the generator and set of balloons, for $2,590.

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