See How This BMW R60 Bridges the Generation Gap

Bought in 1963 for $550, the bike is now priceless to one father and son…

Courtesy of Petrolicious

Built from 1956 to 1969, the BMW R60 was perhaps the ultimate utilitarian bike of the day. Its reputation for reliability was immortalized in the pages of Danny Liska’s Two Wheels to Adventure, documenting the author’s journey from Alaska to Argentina on one, and Robert Pirsig’s counter-culture classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. But one example of the steel-frame workhorse bares a far more weighty responsibility. It symbolizes the enduring bond between a father and son.

When Tom McComas bought his R60 in 1963 for $550, little did he know the profound influence it would have on his 2-year-old namesake. Here, the two share with RobbReport.com’s partner Petrolicious, how much the beautiful bike means to them both. (petrolicious.com)


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