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This New Electric Bike Has Tires So Fat It’ll Make Your Dune Buggy Unnecessary

This bike is perfect for taking down trails or across sand dunes.

Velocifero Beach MAD e-bike Courtesy of Velocifero

When it comes to two-wheeled vehicles, the fat tire trend hasn’t always been the most glamorous––or most desired, for that matter. But one new e-bike may just have a few riders changing their tune.

Velocifero’s Beach MAD electric motorcycle marries Italian design with tires fat enough to conquer even the most unwelcoming terrain. Not only are the novel accessories pragmatic for off-road riding, they make for a more enjoyable, buoyant ride. Whatever it may lack in more traditional slender looks, the bike more than makes up for in sheer fun and attitude. And that’s the whole point of a bike like this if you ask us.

Recently unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show, the Beach Mad isn’t the most powerful e-bike on the market with a 2kW continuous motor only capable of hitting 37 mph. However, choosing to take it for a spin in the right environment can make all the difference. Though recent testing has proven it a surprisingly good street bike, it can tackle far more than your average pavement. As the name would imply, it seems perfectly suited for riding at the beach.

Velocifero Beach MAD e-bike

The fat tires allow this e-bike to traverse terrain that would otherwise be unnavigable.  Courtesy of Velocifero

The bike’s battery is likewise modest with an estimated range between 37 and 43 miles, a meaningful distance, but not enough for extended excursions. But it’s more than enough for what seems designed for: mini adventures. With those substantial wheels, it can tackle trails, hills and sand dunes alike. Indeed, the bike seems more like a dune buggy on two wheels than a motorcycle.

Given that the Beach Mad debuted recently, there has yet to be any official word on pricing. However, Velocifero’s points of sales are widespread, and so it’s more than likely that whenever it comes to market, you will have ready access to snag one for yourself.

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