Viba’s Ultra-Limited Custom BMW Bike Is Made With 3-D-Printed Parts

The jet-black boxer is available for preorder now.

Viba's Custom 3D-Printed BMW R nineT Jean-Francois Muguet

Taking a supermodel as its muse, the latest motorcycle by French customizers VIBA is an utter knockout. Riffing on the iconic BMW R nineT, the jet-black bombshell has elegant lines and curves to boot, and it’s all thanks to a 3-D printer.

The head-turning Cara—named after English model Cara Delevingne—features a spate of SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3-D-printed parts that were painstakingly sculpted to give her an unequivocally sexy shape.

VIBA partnered with the Erpro 3D Factory to manufacture the menacing boxer, and everything from the stainless steel subframe to the Inconel exhaust was crafted with 3-D tech.

The chunky handlebars are particularly cool. Ditching the traditional round bar for a futuristic square shape, they were printed with just one piece of aluminum and tapered carefully to preserve the original Nine-T riding position. Smack-bang in the middle, you’ll find an analog speedometer with “Cara” emblazoned on the glass, just in case you forget her name.

The 3-D computerized tech also shines through in details like the racy polyamide winglet, headlight trim, sleek front fender and aggressive looking air intakes.

Of course, Cara was not just built to be admired. Fitted with BMW’s 1,1700 cc four-stroke flat-twin boxer engine, the high-octane racer promises to tear up the (tarmac) runway just like dear Delevingne. On top of that, her aluminum bodywork makes the frame light and dynamic to improve cornering, and she can stop dead in her tracks thanks to four-piston disc brakes.

Given the quick nature of 3-D printing, Cara can be assembled on demand at speed. VIBA has limited the manufacturing run to just 23 models—get in quick, gents—and those lucky enough to nab a bike will have plenty of opportunities to customize. You may never be able to date a supermodel, but you can now preorder a “Cara” for yourself from VIBA’s website.

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