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Zero Motorcycles’s New E-Bike Was Built to Handle Long-Range Rides and Off-Road Fun

The company's top-of-the-line 2020 DS model was clearly designed with adventure in mind.

Zero Motorcyles's DSR Black Forest Edition Zero Motorcyles

Zero Motorcyles wants riders to spend a little less time worrying about how far their e-bikes can go and more time pushing them to the limit. The company’s just-revealed 2020 dual-sport DS line includes the DSR Black Forest Edition, an electronic bike designed specifically with long-range adventures in mind.

One look at the DSR Black Forest and its clear this bike isn’t just for quick jaunts across town. Previously only available in the EU, according to Engadget, the sleek black bike features three integrated, premium luggage containers and a slew of adventure-oriented gear, including accessory bars, LED auxiliary lights and a headlamp cover all meant to make longer rides that much easier to handle.

Zero Motorcyles's DSR Black Forest Edition

Zero Motorcyles DSR Black Forest Edition  Zero Motorcyles

The reason for the focus on storage and other comfort-related accessories? The DSR Black Forest Edition can go far. Packing a 70 hp motor and a best-in-class 116 lb-ft of torque capable of reaching a top speed of 102 mph, the bike reportedly has a combined street and highway range of 112 miles (141 for the Power Tank-equipped model) thanks to Zero’s battery technology. While that may still lag behind gas-powered bikes, it’s more than enough for a weekend trip. Even better, when you do run up against the edge of the bike’s range, it only takes two-and-a-half hours to fill up the battery completely with the optional Charge Tank add-on.

The DSR Black Forest isn’t just meant for streets and highways. This bike is more than capable of getting down and dirty off-road as well and comes equipped with Showa 41 mm inverted cartridge forks and a Showa 40 mm piston, piggy-back reservoir shock. It’s a bike that can deal with whatever its rider wants to handle.

Of course, all that comes at a price. The DSR Black Forrest starts at $18,995, with the Power Tank model going for $21,890. The other bikes will take less of a bite out of your wallet, though. The street-oriented DS costs $10,995, while the standard DSR starts at $15,495.

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