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Can These Patches Improve Your Mood ?

Body Vibes aims to recalibrate our electro frequencies for the better.

Body Vibes

If you suddenly feel the need to vibe on a higher level (Californian for: “I need to get out of this crap mood ASAP”), you can always resort to the usual drill: yoga, meditation, vaping, Chardonnay. But now, faster than you can say “namaste,” you can pop on small, quarter-sized patches—Body Vibes—and cruise blissfully on electronic pulse waves to the higher ground. The patches come in six varietals: focus, energy, self-love, tranquility, harmony, and beauty. And, as with all things truly gratifying, you can get them at Barneys.

Body Vibes “smart stickers”—playfully decaled with mermaids, birds, unicorns, third eyes, palms, hearts—are the conception of Leslie Kritzer and Madison de Clercq, both clinical estheticians, who founded the LA holistic facial spa Skin Worship. And, contrary to the name, Body Vibes are based in physics. The patches sound a bit woo-woo, but promote harmony and well-being by rebalancing energy frequencies in mind, body, and spirit over the course of 72 hours when placed close to the heart, upper back, or forearm.

“I wanted to teach people to notice subtle energy shifts in their body,” says Kritzer. “Nobody teaches us we’re energy; we’re connected to the cosmos and to quantum physics.” The duo worked with research technologist Richard Eaton of Nevada-based AlphaBio Centrix biotech corporation to create the diminutive discs that enable radio frequency. “Eaton and his engineers learned about this in the ’80s,” she explains. “They discovered frequencies can make people sick—weaken the immune system.” Kritzer fell over harmonic frequency patch results when her husband, suffering from crippling rheumatoid arthritis, was given mysterious patches. They were both shocked to watch them restore his health.

“I wanted to teach people to notice subtle energy shifts in their body.

Nobody teaches us we’re energy; we’re connected to the cosmos and to quantum physics.”

Body Vibes discs, comprised of carbon fragments and crystalline structures imbedded into their material, “are programed with subharmonic frequencies,” says Kritzer. “They’re below hearing. Richard discovered frequency can return the body to stasis. Everything in the body’s electrical. When you condense frequency to the wavelength in the body, it immediately responds. Our body’s an open system, multiple vibrations oscillating at the same time. Your liver, stomach, have their own vibration. When harmonics affect your immune system, you get colds, Candida, or Epstein-Barr. You want to keep your vibration high. Cell phones interfere—so does bad energy from friends.”

Each of the “sacred six” stickers has a practical side and a chakra side. Focus is stimulating, At the Beach and Self Love are for balance. The other three calm your emotional center in a way similar to acupuncture. “The future is electroceuticals,” claims Kritzer.

As testament, this writer cruised through several deadlines—including this one—donning the Focus patch, the harmonic equivalent of Adderall.

Kritzer and De Clercq knew they had something when, in 2016, they started handing out stickers to Skin Worship clients. “Every time [our clients] would come back, they’d say, ‘Do you have any more of those Body Vibes?’ So we started selling them on our website.”

It wasn’t long till Barneys caught the harmonic wave in August 2018. They’ve already reordered. And Nordstrom is on board as well.

“When I wear my anxiety sticker,” says Kritzer, “it’s soothing my nervous system. It’s subtle—when you’re balanced you don’t feel anything. I know it’s working because I’m not an anxious wreck anymore,” she laughs. “And that’s really saying something.”


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