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3 Ways Harrods’ New Wellness Clinic Can Change Your Life

This isn’t your average beauty counter.

Harrods Wellness Clinic Photo: Harrods

London’s Harrods department store has been serving up retail therapy since 1834, when Charles Henry Harrod established his legendary shop—first famous for its selection of exquisite teas—in East End. This year, however, the pervasive purveyor of the world’s finest objects of desire is focusing on a new type of therapy with its latest venture: the 10,5000-square-foot Wellness Clinic, where the life-enhancing benefits will far outlast your latest shopper’s high.

Tucked away on the department store’s fourth floor, the Wellness Clinic is no mere spa or salon. Here, in a serene hotel-like space designed by noted architects Stanton Williams, a collective of some of the world’s top practitioners in beauty, fitness, nutrition, well-being, life coaching, and more are taking clients on transformative journeys.

“We founded the clinic in response to the trend towards integrative practices within the beauty and wellness industry,” explains Annalise Fard, Harrods’ director of Beauty and Home. “This is a pioneering concept, as Harrods is the first retailer in the world to offer such a unique combination of exclusive treatments and experiences all under one roof.”

Fard notes that the clinic is attracting both “a very loyal London base,” as well as regular international clients, thanks to personalized services and an ever-expanding list of offerings, which range from full-body cryotherapy vitamin IV drips to eye rejuvenation and “runway facials.” Among our favorite services, however, are those that go beyond the superficial to encourage meaningful—and lasting—change. Here are our top three:


Gen Identity

Plenty of high-tech skincare brands promise to customize your products, but no one goes as far—or deep—as Gen Identity. Exclusive to Harrods, the cutting-edge brand analyzes clients’ DNA, then formulates bespoke skincare regimes and treatments based on those markers, resulting in products that are completely personalized to their current—and future—needs.

The Gen Identity process is twofold: a health and lifestyle assessment determine how daily factors have impacted your skin, while a DNA test defines your skin’s natural makeup. By drawing from the info locked within your own cells, and analyzing it using proprietary algorithms, Gen Identify can not only address current skincare problems, but also predict how your skin will age—and even help delay the aging process.


Louise Parker Method

Body transformation expert Louise Parker has one goal: to end dieting for good. Her Louise Parker Method teaches clients to re-wire bad habits, change their lifestyle, and see permanent, life-changing weight loss—without counting calories or points.

Now, Parker has set up shop at Harrods, employing an expert team of personal trainers and registered dieticians to guide busy clients in making healthy lifestyle decisions—no matter the circumstances. For clients who travel regularly, the team can do everything from create personalized fitness videos to researching restaurant menus in advance (a favorite for clients who regularly attend red-carpet events like Cannes Film Festival).

“Many of our clients are incredibly successful in life but struggle to prioritize their health and wellbeing—it’s the last piece in their jigsaw [puzzle],” says Parker. “We strip things back and coach them on how to optimize their lifestyles—how to eat well and train smart. Ultimately, our job is to fit their lifestyles with our method.”


Terrence the Teacher

If you’re one of those “my-mind-is-too-busy-for-mediation” types, it may be time for a session with Terrence the Teacher. At his new space in the Wellness Clinic, Terrence guides clients through techniques that help strengthen the connection between the mind, body, and soul—but in a way that’s practical and helpful. “Mindfulness has become a buzz word in the world of wellness, but people are still asking what it really means, why they should do it, and how it can fit into their lifestyles,” says Fard. To address that, Terrence explains the science behind mindfulness and the proof of its advantages. You’ll leave with a respect for the medium—and some new techniques to practice wherever you are.

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