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The Women Behind For Future Reference Talk New Store and Must-Have Jewels

Randi Molofsky and Meaghan Flynn turned their friendship into a flourishing business.

FFR Photo: Courtesy FFR

At one point or another, most pairs of friends have entertained the idea of going into business together. For most it’s just a mimosa-fueled fantasy, but Randi Molofsky and Meaghan Flynn made it a reality. The duo met while working in parallel sectors of the jewelry industry: Molofsky as the marketing director for ethical mining powerhouse Gemfields, Flynn as the sales director for jeweler Jemma Wynne. What began in 2014 as an experiment in blogging, interviewing jewelry designers, and chronicling their adventures in vintage treasure hunting, evolved into For Future Reference—a full-fledged agency with Molofksy handling public relations and marketing and Flynn overseeing sales for a host of emerging jewelers. After solidifying their reputation as the women behind some of today’s buzziest brands, Molofsky and Flynn decided to take their partnership to the next level: opening their very own store.

Earlier this summer, the For Future Reference the Shop bowed in the idyllic enclave of Hudson, New York (another best friend fantasy: ‘Why don’t we get a place upstate together?’). “When Meaghan and her husband started living in Hudson part-time, the opportunity just presented itself,” recalls Molofsky. “The town already has a clientele interested in vintage and estate, and the market for contemporary jewelry was a niche waiting to be filled. When the perfect space opened, we went for it. Our motto is usually to trust our instincts and take a leap of faith.”

FFR Jewelry

From left: A pair of Brent Neale earrings, a Retrouvai bracelet and a Harwell Godfrey ring.  Photo: Courtesy FFR

Which is much the same mantra that the pair employs when prospecting for new designers to represent in the agency or carry in the Shop. “We have been lucky enough to see so much jewelry, that it’s a gut reaction,” says Flynn. “Nothing I wouldn’t treasure personally makes it in the shop.” Molofsky adds: “After aesthetics, passion is a must for a new brand. The world of fine jewelry is not only saturated, but it’s an investment. So, we only work with designers who are in it for the long haul.”

Naturally, the shop’s offerings include pieces from all of the agency’s clients, including ARK, Brent Neale, Retrouvai, Sarah Hendler, and Sorellina. Additionally, there are jewels from several other contemporary designers, a range of hand-picked vintage baubles, clothing, accessories, and home decor, and a smattering of beauty products, including two perfumes that each founder customized.

The eccentric, eclectic mix—malachite mushroom pendants from Neale, Valley of the Dolls-esque caftans, vintage diamond-studded pinky rings—is an unadulterated reflection of the founders’ personal styles. The space itself is a similar bricolage of styles and eras: a baroque, tangerine-velvet–upholstered settee, a midcentury modern rattan-and-glass table, a technicolor Moroccan rug. “The store is a perfectly imperfect glimpse into my brain, as scary as that may be,” Flynn reflects. “You can get dressed head to toe, pick up a hostess gift, get a custom engagement ring, and roll out in 15 minutes.”


Inside the new FFR store in Hudson, New York.  Photo: Courtesy FFR


Indeed, For Future Reference the Shop is a one-stop-shop for injecting one’s wardrobe with instant panache. Charming and quirky as the founders are, a trip to FFR feels like shopping the closet—and jewelry box and living room—of that one friend who always seems to be three steps ahead of trends. Luckily, Molofsky and Flynn shared their top-five jewelry essentials with us and, like everything the duo does, they are delightfully unique.

Meaghan Flynn’s Top Five

  1. “Pinky rings on both hands. . .that counts as one, right?”
  2. “Something in 24-karat gold.”
  3. “Something that never comes off; I’m talking ocean, combat, whatever.”
  4. “COLOR! Diamonds are forever, but gemstones are a girl’s best friend.”
  5. “A masculine watch.”

Randi Molofsky’s Top Five

  1. “Matching cuff bracelets worn on each wrist.”
  2. “A charm necklace made up of meaningful, collected pieces.”
  3. “Mismatched stud earrings.”
  4. “A watch with a band in an unexpected color.”
  5. “An East-West set ring.”





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