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Meet 5 Unexpected Eco Warriors Who Are Fighting to Save Our Planet

The trailblazers—from architecture to politics—who are challenging the status quo.

Sustinability, Safari Photography by Matt Morris

If you’re anything like us, thoughts of the deteriorating environment have permeated your consciousness. Reading recent studies on the alarming effects of plastic pollution and the distressing news about climate change, we can’t help but want to do something, even if just in a small way.

Here, we spotlight five people whose professional ventures are focused on finding solutions to pressing environmental issues. These eco warriors are pioneering new paths that we hope will influence and inspire other entrepreneurs, government officials and concerned citizens of the world alike and even pave the way for holistic change. From a French politician who is championing laws to reduce fashion’s carbon footprint to an architecture firm that is building the world’s first energy-positive hotel, these industry leaders are dedicated to finding new ways to lessen our environmental impact.

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