21 Ultimate Gifts: Splendor by the Spoonful


A year’s selection of the world’s finest caviar from Caviar Russe, featuring monthly deliveries of 500 grams with accompanying crepes, blini, and crème fraîche.

A caviar party for 12 at the recipient’s home or at the Caviar Russe restaurant in New York, including a multicourse dinner prepared by executive chef Christopher Agnew.

A sterling-silver caviar server and hand-carved mother-of-pearl serving pieces for 12, including plates, spoons, knives, and forks.

An additional New Year’s Eve delivery of 3 kilograms of the recipient’s favorite caviar of the year.


The caviar is mounded on a mother-of-pearl spoon, each bead a rich shade of amber. Ilya Panchernikov, managing director of Caviar Russe, one of the largest distributors of caviar to fine restaurants and cruise ships, suggests eating it unadorned by accompaniments, to better experience the delicate texture and pure taste. The firm grains burst with voluptuous flavor—faintly nutty, buttery, and complex. It is Golden Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol, and tasting it with an expert like Panchernikov is like drinking fine Bordeaux with a winemaker who can point out the subtleties of each sip.

“We want people to experience the world of caviar—the different textures, hues, flavors, and nuances,” says Panchernikov, whose father founded Caviar Russe 15 years ago in New York. “The more they know about caviar, the greater the passion becomes.”

For the first time, the experts at Caviar Russe will share their passion and expertise with one Robb Report reader during an extraordinary full year of caviar. This gift of sensory indulgence and epicurean appreciation begins with a tasting party at the recipient’s home or at the Caviar Russe restaurant in New York City, an elegant jewel-box space with just 15 tables. Company president David Magnotta will introduce the 12 selected varieties and explain how best to enjoy them, and executive chef Christopher Agnew will prepare a multicourse meal centered on this international delicacy.

Each month thereafter, for an entire year, the recipient will receive 500 grams of one variety of first-quality caviar, along with fresh blini, crepes, and crème fraîche—enough to share generously with 11 very good friends. The first part of the year focuses on American sturgeon varieties, which range from delicate to slightly earthy and robust, while the second half highlights the more elusive Caspian Sea caviars, which tend to be richer and more complex. The most prized variety is saved for last: Almas Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol, whose large, pale eggs possess a uniquely delicate flavor. “Almas caviar is considered by many to represent the pinnacle of Caspian Osetra,” Panchernikov says. “It is exceptionally rare.”

Because savoring such caviar requires the proper accoutrements, the gift also includes mother-of-pearl serving pieces for 12 and a sterling-silver caviar server made in Russia exclusively for Caviar Russe. As a grand finale, Caviar Russe will deliver 3 kilograms of the recipient’s favorite variety in time for a New Year’s Eve party that is destined to be remembered long after ringing in the year.



Sand Sturgeon American Malossol Small, jet-black caviar with a rich flavor


Pacific Sturgeon American Malossol Firm gray beads with a clean finish


Premium Pacific Sturgeon American Malossol Buttery and mild, with light gray pearls


Siberian Sturgeon Siberian Malossol Deep mahogany with a delicate flavor


Imported Pressed Caviar Cured Osetra and Siberian caviar with highly concentrated flavor


Sterlet Caspian Sea Malossol Small eggs, slightly buttery, soft texture


Classic Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol Deep brown with a nutty, earthy flavor


Select Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol Amber-hued eggs with an elegant, round taste


Golden Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol Firm, golden eggs bursting with complex flavor


Jet Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol Strikingly black eggs, rich with flavor


Platinum Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol Platinum beads with a buttery, beluga-like flavor


Almas Osetra Caspian Sea Malossol Pale “albino” eggs that are the rarest Caspian caviar

Caviar Russe, Ilya Panchernikov, 800.692.28427, ext. 204, www.caviarrusse.com

Almas Osetra may not be available as new year’s eve choice due to its extreme rarity.