Best of the Best 2013: Coupes & GTs: Bentley Continental GT Speed

In terms of poise and positioning, no contemporary car matches the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed (www.bentleymotors.com). It offers double the amount of comfort and luxury that any human requires when traveling over long distances. It is a classic of handcraftsmanship amid today’s cost crimping and outsourced inferiorities. And the GT Speed represents a triumph of huge muscle (616 hp from a biturbo W-12 that enables a top speed of 205 mph) over scary weight (3 tons).

The $215,000 GT Speed is the latest and fastest of the more than a dozen Continental GT variants that Bentley has provided the world of magnum motoring over the past decade. It offers the security of all-wheel drive and features technology that is meant to serve rather than impress. With its excess of weight and dimensions, the big but proportioned coupe certainly is no sports car. But power comes on in an instant, and 130 mph passes are flat, safe, and routine. The Continental GT Speed is testimony to how elegance and relaxation need never be sacrificed for raw power.