Best of the Best 2013: Coupes & GTs: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Carroll Shelby has passed, but he has left us a wonderfully overpowered Mustang to remember him by. The 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (www.ford.com) is the most potent production car made in the United States, packing a tire-melting 662 hp that is generated by a supercharged 5.8-liter V-8. The engine sounds glorious and makes this Mustang—the most sophisticated ever—fly. Stir the 6-speed manual transmission properly and keep your foot to the floor, and the car will top 200 mph. Huge Brembo brakes help slow it down. The chassis is sufficiently pinned down to handle the high speeds, and the leather-lined cabin is sporty and comfortable. Priced at about $55,000, the GT500 offers more muscle for the money than any other car.