Best of the Best 2013: Electronics: Speakers: Yacht Audio

Originally built for use aboard megayachts, the Yacht Audio (+49.30.​5470.7475, www.yachtaudio.com) in-wall and in-ceiling speakers were designed to meet the demanding quality standards of cost-is-no-object installations. In August, the German manufacturer released the speakers for residential applications—priced at $10,000 per pair for the in-ceiling speakers and $25,000 per pair for the in-walls. Both speakers are voiced identically, with the same crossover points, 93 dB sensitivity, and 3-ohm impedance. The sound from the in-walls disperses outward, while the sound from the in-ceiling speakers rains down from above. When paired with equally high-quality front-end components, the speakers produce pristine sonic quality worthy of any audio installation.