Best of the Best 2013: Jewelry: Newcomer: Wilfredo Rosado

After spending most of his career working with Andy Warhol and Giorgio Armani, Wilfredo Rosado introduced in 2011 his own fine-jewelry collection, which comprised statement pieces fashioned from diamonds, gold, and flamboyant 4-inch feathers. Once again toying with convention, Rosado has adorned his 2013 collection of diamond and gold floral creations with tinted leather petals. The designs are ingeniously adjustable: Each piece comes with a set of custom petals made by the Parisian atelier Maison Lemarié, and each flower’s center diamond can be easily unscrewed to change the color of the leather inset. “I want to create pieces that are adaptable,” Rosado says, “and can evolve with the wearer’s taste and whim.” (212.223.3460, www.wilfredorosado.com)