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Breathe Easy

This next generation of wearable trackers goes beyond the mere measurement of steps taken (though it does that, too) to chart breathing patterns, which may give users insight into their state of mind throughout the day or week. The clip-on Spire ($100), designed to look like a smooth stone, vibrates to remind wearers to take a deep breath if they haven’t for 60 minutes, as well as to notify the wearer of stretches of calm or focused breathing. If your breathing grows tense for a few minutes, the stone buzzes. Our favorite features include watching the pattern of our breathing flow across the app’s screen and linking those patterns to particular locations (like the office) so you can gain a better understanding of where you might be more calm, focused, or tense in your day. The app also offers guided meditations and brief recordings to help energize, relax, or focus your mind. (spire.io)