Car of the Year 2013: Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport

The Sound and the Jury

If they had been blindfolded and asked to rate the cars solely on the sound of the engines, our judges undoubtedly would have selected the GranTurismo Convertible Sport as the Car of the Year. Maserati’s V-8 serves up a symphony of sound that is more enticing than even the familiar, whining siren song of the V-12 that powers another Car of the Year contestant, the Ferrari FF.

However, blindfolding the judges would have denied them a chance to enjoy the Maserati’s equally alluring design, which includes a gaping grille, new LED lights, and a svelte physique. Indeed, no view of the Convertible Sport is unflattering. The car also is one of the few convertibles in its class that can fit four full-grown adults comfortably, in a cabin lined with leather and adorned with optional carbon-fiber trim.

Knocks against the GranTurismo line during its six-year run have centered on its performance and power train, but those criticisms do not apply to the Convertible Sport. The car’s 4.7-liter V-8, which is built by corporate cousin Ferrari, produces 454 hp, making the Convertible Sport the most powerful drop-top in the Maserati lineup. Paired with a sport-tuned, 6-speed automatic transmission, the engine launches the car to 60 mph in well under five seconds and onward to a top speed of 177 mph.


Configuration Front-mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive convertible Engine 4.7-liter V-8 Transmission 6-speed automatic Power 454 hp at 7,000 rpm Torque 384 ft lbs at 4,750 rpm Curb weight 4,265 pounds Zero to 60 mph 4.8 seconds Top speed 177 mph Base price $143,000 Maserati, www.maserati.com